About Us

The Global Top 100 is the global brand of Global Outreach Medical & Health Association (GOMHA) established in 2020 to recognize the achievements of organizations, professionals and students around the globe. It provides a platform for learning opportunities not only for industry members, but also for inventors, researchers, clinicians, academicians and those seeking opportunities within the medical and health industry. Recognition for each of these organizations and individuals is the culmination of years of research and the cooperation of many individuals around the globe.

The Global Outreach Medical & Health Association (GOMHA) is a global organization representing the medical and health profession. It promotes and provides accreditation, certification, education, training and other resources for organizations, professionals and students. The GOMHA supports global programmes, humanitarian work, public health, human lives, assist poor patients, and counseling activities worldwide. The GOMHA publishes out many print medical & health educational vehicles per year including its journals, newsletters, flagship magazines, and papers.

There are both nationally and internationally based organizations, professionals and students worthy of recognition in the Global Top 100 that do not appear on the list. If you do not see a specific organizations and individuals it could be that contacted but declined to participate, did not respond to requests or did not submit information in time.