India's Top 100 Doctors in Dentistry

S.No. Name Portrait Highlights City
1. Dr. S.S. Sidhu Dr. S.S. Sidhu Recipient of Dr. B. C. Roy Award 65 Years of Experience 162 Articles Published 22 Research Projects 7 Fellowships Chandigarh
BDS, MDS 16 Thesis Guided 8 Books Published 8 Countries Visited 5 Honors 4 Awards
2. Dr. Keki M. Mistry Dr. Keki M. Mistry Recipient of Dr. B. C. Roy Award 64 Years of Experience WHO Recognition Award 4 Lifetime Achievement Awards (IDA, IOS, Trade & lSU) Founder Member of IOS Mumbai
BDS, MDS Ex-President of IDA & IOS Ex-President of ICD Ex-President of APDF Ex-President of MSDC 11 Doctorate in Literature
N Dr. P.N. Awasthi GOMHA 59 Years of experience
N Dr. A.P. Chitre Dr. A.P. Chitre 59 Years of experience 53 Thesis guided 4 Fellowships 7 Awards 6 Research projects Mumbai
BDS, MDS Book on Local Anesthesia 55 Articles published 7 Memberships 45 academic observers 7 public lectures
N Dr. Vijaykumar Swarupchand Shah Dr. Vijaykumar Swarupchand Shah Recipient of Padma Shri 58 Years of experience 5 Research projects 1000 Awards 53 Fellowships Sangli
BDS 66 Doctorates 27 Countries visited 109 Memberships Community service for 47,04,942 people 9733 Camps covered
N Dr. Devendra Nath Kapoor Dr. Devendra Nath Kapoor 185 Thesis guided 57 Years of experience 115 Articles published 4 Fellowships 42 Countries visited Lucknow
BDS, MDS 15 Leadership roles 4 Research projects 20 Awards 3 Memberships 2 Honors
N Dr. Hari Parkash Dr. Hari Parkash 305 Articles published 56 years of experience 10 Leadership Roles 2571 Citations 6 Books published New Delhi
BDS, MDS, PhD 30 Research projects 18 Awards 19 Memberships Community service for 30,07,000 people 88 Thesis guided
N Dr. Maneklal Mathurdas Patel Dr. Maneklal Mathurdas Patel 51 Years of experience
N Dr. Anil Kohli GOMHA Recipient of Padma Bhushan Recipient of Padma Shri Recipient of Dr. B. C. Roy Award 43 years of experienc Honorary Rank of Brigadier New Delhi
BDS, MDS 10 Honorary Doctorates 45 Articles published 5 Books published 5 Fellowships 12 Leadership roles
N Dr. Rajeev Gulati GOMHA 41 years of experience 3 Fellowships 8 Leadership roles 16 Awards 5 Honors Gorakhpur
BDS, MDS 7 Certificate of Honors 8 Gold and silver medals 8 Memberships 20 Articles published 257 Citations
N Dr. Pradeep Jain GOMHA 39
N Dr. Sunil Ramchandra Panat Dr. Sunil Ramchandra Panat 40 years of experience 15 Research projects 9 Leadership roles 12 Awards 30 Thesis guided Bareilly
BDS, MDS 18 Certificate of Honors 5 Gold and silver medals 7 Memberships 44 Articles published 232 Citations
N Dr. Surinder Pal Singh Sodhi Dr. Surinder Pal Singh Sodhi 37 Years of experience 60 Articles published 4 Fellowships 30 Session Chairs 2000 Camps covered Mangalore
BDS, MDS 65 Thesis guided 10 Awards 12 Editorial board member 7 Leadership Roles Former DCI EC Member
N Dr. Praveen Mehrotra GOMHA 37
N Dr. U.S. Krishna Nayak Dr. U.S. Krishna Nayak 36 Years of experience 200 Articles published 5 Fellowships 84 Public lectures 438 Camps covered Mangalore
BDS, MDS 63 Thesis guided 40 Awards 8 Memberships 14 Leadership Roles 2 Books published
N Dr. Shadab Mohammad Dr. Shadab Mohammad Recipient of Padma Shri 36 Years of experience 125 Articles published 12 Research projects 7 Fellowships Lucknow
BSC, BDS, MDS 93 Thesis guided 23 Awards 24 Memberships 31 Leadership Roles 4 Books published
N Dr. Amit Nagar GOMHA 35
N Dr. Inder Kumar Pandit GOMHA 34
N Dr. S.K. Katharia Dr. S.K. Katharia 36 years of experience 65 Articles published 110 Papers Presentation 5 Fellowships 70 Session Chairs Agra
BDS, MDS 45 Awards DCI EC Member 60 Public lectures UGC Anti Ragging Committee Member 512 Camps covered
N Dr. Bhavna Dave GOMHA 32
N Dr. Himanshu Aeran Dr. Himanshu Aeran 31 years of experience 186 Articles published 21 Research projects 3 Fellowships 6 Books published Rishikesh
BDS, MDS, MHA, MBA 40 Awards 32 Leadership roles 175 Public lectures 15 Editorial board member 850 Camps covered
N Dr. Puneet Ahuja GOMHA 30
N Dr. Maya Veersingh Dalaya GOMHA 30
N Dr. Chandra Prakash GOMHA 30
N Dr. Mansing G. Pawar GOMHA 30
N Dr. Anuradha Rani GOMHA 30
N Dr. Rajiv K. Chugh Dr. Rajiv K. Chugh
N Dr. K. Jyothindra Kumar Dr. K. Jyothindra Kumar
N Dr. Mahendra Azad Dr. Mahendra Azad
N Dr. Ved Prakash Jalili Dr. Ved Prakash Jalili
N Dr. S.M. Sharath Chandra Dr. S.M. Sharath Chandra